Overview of Specialized Measurement Services

TransCanada Calibrations is a measurement services organization that offers High Pressure Natural Gas Flow Meter Calibration and Technical Measurement Assistance to a international list of corporations in the Energy Sector – Transmission, Distribution, LNG, and Power Generation. TransCanada Calibrations measurement is traceable to Primary National Standards, and is recognized by Measurement Canada, the National Research Council of Canada, VSL of The Netherlands and NIST of the USA through measurement inter-comparison; and operates to AGA 9, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards.

High Pressure Natural Gas Flow Meter Calibration Capability


 ♦ Ultrasonic Meters – NPS 3 to NPS 42 ANSI 600, 900, 1500, 2500 all manufactures
 ♦ Turbine Meters – NPS 2 to NPS 24 ANSI 600, 900, 1500, 2500 all manufacturers
 ♦ Clamp-on Meters – Transfer calibration service available for all manufacturers
 ♦ Vortex Meters – All manufacturers

 Flow Measurement:         Flow Rate                         Measurement Uncertainty (CMC), k=2
                                       320 to 55,000 m3/h                          0.17 %
                                         65 to 320 m3/h                               0.19 %
                                         10 to 65 m3/h                                 0.25 %

Uncertainties listed above are worst case values for the ranges indicated.

Uncertainties for some flow rates are as low as 0.14%

Meter and Instrument Repair:
 ♦ Ultrasonic & Turbine Meter Repair – All major manufactures, in-house parts
 ♦ Pressure and Temperature - Transmitters, transfer standards, and devices

Transportation and Customs Services:
 ♦ Domestic and international meter transportation management

Technical Measurement Services:
 ♦ Technical Assistance and Meter Trouble shooting
 ♦ Measurement System Commissioning and Audit
 ♦ Technical review of installation design

TransCanada Calibrations Ltd.
 ♦ www.tccalibrations.com
 ♦ Service Direct: (204) 878-4373 ext 221

TCC 20th Anniversary in 2020

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