TransCananda Calibrations Links

The following are links to a variety of gas products that TransCanada Calibrations has experience with.



Krohne provides flow meters, flow controllers and flow accessories for the gas measurement industry.


Emerson (Daniel)

Emerson provides gas ultrasonic meters, coriolis meters and orifice meters, as well as flow computing technologies.



RMG provides both gas ultrasonic and turbine meters for the gas measurement industry.


Honeywell (Formally Elster-Instromet)

Honeywell provides mechanical and ultrasonic metering technologies as well as flow metering accessories for the gas meausurement industry.



Sick provides ultrasonic metering in various forms for the gas measurement industry.


Transus Instruments

Transus is a manufacturer of ultrasonic flow meters and transducers.



E&H provides flow measurment for liquids, gases and steam.



TCC 20th Anniversary in 2021

TCC first began commercial operation in March of 2000. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year. Stay tuned! .....

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